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About – Ms Abigail Heathcote

Abigail Heathcote is an accredited coach and bilingual English/French facilitator/trainer with multiple certifications. She has been working with leaders and teams for 15 years to improve performance and provide results-oriented professional development. 

Abigail is passionate about supporting managers and their teams in achieving positive change. She helps cultivate mentalities and behaviors needed to build teams and foster alignment, trust, diversity, and collaboration. 

Some of Abigail’s speciality areas are remote work, hybrid work, and international/ multicultural environment management and collaboration. Her education includes a Research Masters in Philosophy from Université Paris 8 and Musicology from Durham University.

“Abigail has a strong ability to listen and question. She has impressive communicative skills and natural empathy. She is helpful when it is about transforming tough questions into simple answers. And when it matters to enter deeply into the discussion, she is really smart. The work we did together helped me well beyond [my] original objective.”  Olivier Urcel, PSA Group, VP, Chief Data Officer