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General Program Information

Overview of a Sample Peer Program


Informational Video:

  • This short 8 minute video (below) steps you through all the main elements of the Participant Portal for the various Peer Programs.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.  Thank you!

Information Related to All Programs

  • Minimum 12 participants per program – maximum 20
  • Must be an even number of participants
  • Participants can be from the same organization (what we refer to as our ‘Corporate’ programs) or from different organizations (what we refer to as our ‘Public’ programs)
  • Weekly sessions held on the same day of the week each week, eg every Wednesday
  • Weekly sessions are always morning sessions (unless this is absolutely unavoidable due to client demands)
  • Month One begins with sessions on two simultaneous days, thereafter sessions are weekly
  • The third-last week, a schedule is set for the delivery times of the Workplace Improvement Projects so that both participants and their managers know what time the participant will be presenting on the day
  • The second-last week is the Workplace Improvement Presentations
  • All relevant managers are invited to view the Workplace Improvement Presentations

Program Subjects

The Core Subjects covered in each program are listed below.

Throughout each program, in addition to the Core Subjects, a wide array of leadership development subjects are intrinsically embedded in the material.  For example, although Innovative Thinking and Risk Management Skills are listed as optional subjects from which the client can choose to place extra focus by including as their Additional Subject(s), these and other skills are addressed and developed organically within the context of the program itself.

For instance, Remote Work Skills are covered as a natural part of being successful in the program.  The client could, however, choose Remote Work Skills as one of their Additional Subjects – in which case that topic is explored in greater depth.



Case Studies

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Peer-Mentoring Programs

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Research, Studies, and Statistics

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