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Guaranteed Results!

Our core value is RESPECT.  We believe in respecting your time, your people, your resources, and our integrity in providing a world-class program that delivers positive and sustainable results.

We provide a 100% guarantee on results.

How does the guarantee work?

At the commencement of any program, we conduct an assessment with you, included in the price of the program, based on the core competencies in the leadership peer program, and those most important to your organization.

One month after the end of the peer program, we conduct the same assessment again, and if there have been no sustained positive results according to the metrics upon which we both agree at the beginning, and/or if there is no measurable return on investment demonstrated in the workplace improvement projects undertaken by the participants, we will repeat the program for free – even with a new group of participants if requested.

That’s it – there are no extras, no surprises, no hidden charges.

We know this program works – and we stand behind what we provide with a written guarantee.

Why don’t other providers give a guarantee?

There has been an abundance of studies on why leadership programs fail more often than they succeed; and even more so now that learning and development has moved almost entirely to virtual and remote delivery.

An article in the Harvard Business Review sums it up by reporting that traditional training programs, even ones that are deemed successful at the time, do not provide lasting change

They went on to report that even programs where participants described the course as very powerful, where they engaged in numerous tasks that required teamwork during the course, and they received real-time feedback on both individual and group behavior, as well as having a plan for taking the learning back into the organization, and where pre- and post-training surveys suggested that participants’ attitudes had changed – the results down the track showed that nothing had changed.

Why?  Because they were not consistently applying what they learn as they learn it, “they found it impossible to apply what they had learned,” reported the article.

In our Peer Programs, the participants are constantly and consistently applying what they learn back in the workplace as they proceed through the program, they are discussing how they apply what they learn in real-time with their peer accountability partner, and they are continually engaging and teaching their direct reports as a consequence of the program.

Can we really achieve sustainable positive change?

While there can be a range of reasons for this inability to apply learning at the end of a training course, the fundamental issue is that real and sustainable positive change can only occur when participants are actively applying in their own workspace what they are learning, while they are learning it!

After spending years in the learning and development industry and seeing no significant advancements, it was this frustration with ‘band-aid’ courses that lead Ms Bella St John, the founding developer of these innovative programs, to undertake a study of everything that was working in traditional training programs, and everything that wasn’t working.

“I conjectured that if we developed a program that included everything that was already working, and we either eliminated or mitigated the impact of everything that wasn’t working, we would have a world-class program that would deliver positive, and sustainable results!  After a year of gathering data, then another year or more of trials and testing, that is exactly what we produced,” commented Ms Bella St John, “and after more than a decade of positive results across a range of industries, we know it works!

Is the guarantee in writing?

Yes – the guarantee is included in your training agreement.

Oh, and our training agreements are written in plain language – we believe that when we make a commitment, we keep it – no excuses.