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About – Mr Anthony Oden

Anthony Oden is an experienced product coach, successful process and system design leader, and sought-after consultant with a track record of rapid value delivery.  Perhaps more important than what he does is his passion for and skill at tactical mentorship and coaching of individuals and teams as a means of growing happy, effective organizations. Anthony has worked in four countries and spent over 20 years designing, building, and delivering products you’ve probably used and loved and helping others at Fortune 500 brands do the same.

It takes a team to build a team.

Early in Anthony’s coaching career, he was incredibly fortunate to pair with Rally coaches who are still Industry-leading thought leaders in Agility & product development. He learned that meeting the customer where they are at, focusing on small incremental improvements, and bias towards customer empathy were cornerstones in building products, systems, and the structures supporting them.

Anthony was recruited to join several global transformations and relocated to Spain (Spanish Banking Client) and China (Electronics Development & Manufacturing Client) as the lead product liaison responsible for aligning international business and delivery teams. He successfully executed a remote collaboration practice for product managers, development teams, marketing, and leadership in both instances.

Other client success stories include:

  • Leading Automanufacter in the USA: Built a coaching coalition with Leadership, Product Owners, Managers, and Product development teams to execute the Leading Agile – Expedition/Basecamp model for improving manufacturing flow & product delivery (manufacturing).
  • Texas Banking Client – Investment Advisors: Partnered with founders to envision and deliver their first digital strategy and experience, meeting goals for improved awareness and sales.
  • Texas Insurance & Banking Client: Partnered with Business VP to build a risk & compliance application suite from the Value Streams synthesized by Anthony’s observation & engaging with users & stakeholders. He crafted responses for Sr. Leadership based on a feature roadmap to respond to Federal Regulators on the progress made. The team delivered six weeks ahead of schedule.
  • World Leading Entertainment Company: Personally recruited to coach the Product Manager on a delayed product launch. Co-created the product and delivery roadmap, feature map and coached the teams using Scrum, Kanban, and BDD to automate user experience for Web, iOS, and Android platforms.

Anthony has trained, mentored, and coached over 3500 individuals in customer & design modeling for building products.  He uniquely integrated business model and value proposition design into a Product Practice Framework to deliver product strategy training & product kickoff workshops that drastically reduced planning of real-world projects from months to days & weeks (Banking, Insurance, & Tax Preparation Clients))

In 2018, Anthony formed the Agile Product Group: San Antonio, whose focus is to foster awareness, education, and practice for local professionals in central Texas.

Anthony splits his time between Texas and California, spending time in CA with his siblings, nieces, nephew, and building an Airbnb business in San Antonio, TX. Anthony is a car guy who spends his remaining spare time turning a wrench on his weekend driver and planning an Electric Vehicle conversion & repair business.