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About – Mr Thomas Meloche

Mr Thomas Meloche - Peer-Mentoring LicenseeFor twenty-five years Mr. Meloche has been leading Agile initiatives and transforming products, departments, and companies. He has done successful transformations in companies as large as Interface Systems with hundreds of teams and a yearly development budget of 1.5 billion dollars.

Tom taught the very first public Agile class in Michigan almost two decades ago. He has authored dozens of different Agile, Product Owner, and software developer courses which have been used by himself, and instructors he has certified, to train over 20,000 people in Agile techniques.

Working with partners he has created a unique approach to the role of Scrum Master and Agile team transformation with minimal risk. The approach is positive, appreciative, and demonstrably effective. In addition, it is affordable, providing real change with minimal disruption.

Tom co-founded one of the most successful Agile software development houses in the country, Menlo Innovations LLC, featured in the book Joy Inc. How we built a workplace people love. He created The Menlo Way, an Agile process based on Extreme Programming to rapidly produce high quality software.

He advocates for Agile ceremony, and authored the book Ceremony: A Profound New Method for Achieving Successful and Sustainable Change. An Agile coaching team and Product Owner team with good ceremonies for themselves is essential for successful Agile transformations.

Tom also co-wrote the best-selling book series Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising, published by the Entrepreneur Press.  In addition to working on the business side of product development, the experience provided him with an executives view of metrics. Actionable metrics are central to Agile empirical process controls.