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World’s First “AI-Enabled Leader” Applied MBA Peer Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  March 28th, 2023


Peer Mentoring Institute Launches the World’s First

“AI-Enabled Leader” Applied MBA Peer Program

to Empower Managers in the Age of AI and ChatGPT


The Peer Mentoring Institute announces the release of the world’s first leadership program specifically designed to help leaders and managers navigate the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT. The “AI-Enabled Leader” Applied MBA Peer Program had its soft release in early March and officially goes live on Monday, April 3rd, 2023. The program includes the Institute’s Applied MBA foundation, where participants actually apply in their workplace what they are learning during the program, addressing the Achilles heel of ineffective traditional training. This can also result in a positive ROI where the program both pays for itself and produces continuing, real returns.


“Whether we like it or not, the current wave of AI embodied by Chat-GPT will be far more disruptive than most people think,” commented Peer Mentoring Institute CEO, Mr Mike Russell.  “AI-driven chat-bots are increasingly handling customer service inquiries, AI-powered tools are performing analysis of big-data, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  This is on top of changes still rippling from the pandemic like the “great resignation,” “quiet quitting,” and sweeping alterations in workers’ expectations. Call it what you want … tsunami, earthquake, wrecking ball … organizations are amid upheaval. This in turn has a profound impact on how leaders need to lead and manage. Equipping leaders to deal with these changes is the gap filled by the “AI-Enabled Leader” program.  While this is an exciting time to be in the world of leadership, with unprecedented change, comes unprecedented challenges. Leaders need to learn advanced critical thinking and relevant skills to effectively manage these challenges – and they need to learn those skills now and apply them now. Not changing now is the risky move, not the change.”


Ms Bella St John, Peer Program product developer and author of the book, “AI-AGI Revolution – Will This Change What it Means to be Human?” due for release on Wednesday, April 5th, 2023, had this to say about the importance of companies effectively preparing their leaders for changes that are already happening: “Organizations need to think carefully about how they will handle this inevitable transition. As AI and ChatGPT  become increasingly popular, it is important that companies understand the implications of using these technologies and how they can impact everyday operations.  The list is seemingly endless with regard to how AI is already impacting organizations, and so it is essential that leaders stay up to date with how these technologies are impacting their working environment, and also how to manage and lead in a rapidly changing landscape – but learning the ‘what’ and ‘how’ isn’t enough anymore AND waiting to see what will happen is NOT an option. Consider the implications of the speed of adoption of this technology: November 30, 2022, ChatGPT was released.  December 4, 2022 (4 DAYS later) it had 1 MILLION users.  February 1, 2023 (8 WEEKS later) there were 100 MILLION users!  Leaders urgently need to develop a new way of thinking – a completely new way of managing.  That is why we created the ‘AI-Enabled Leader Peer Program’ – and is the only one of its kind that includes an Applied MBA than can achieve positive ROI.”


With the rise of AI, it is now essential that leaders adapt themselves and their organizations.


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Mr Mike Russell:        +1 (949) 438.6453 / Mike@Peer-Mentoring.com

Ms Bella St John:       Bella@BellaStJohn.com