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Five Foundational Elements

  1. Four Part Harmony
  2. Feedback Styles Indicator
  3. Performance Measurement
  4. Transformation Formula
  5. Workplace Improvement Project

Seven Core Skillsets

  1. Respect – self, others, organization, time
  2. Presentation and meeting skills
  3. Inspiration vs Motivation
  4. Personal development plan and Learning Journal
  5. Succession planning
  6. Facilitation skills
  7. “How are you going to apply this in your workplace?”

Facilitator Notes:

  • This program is built on the fundamentals of personal accountability and facilitated growth. Give participants boundaries and stick to them – start and end ON TIME!
  • Remember, you are a FACILITATOR not a teacher – rather than answer questions, where possible and practical pose alternate questions in order to gain multiple answers from the group
  • The Lead Facilitator is contact point for all Participants – if Participants have any issues or cannot attend a session, they are required to contact the Lead Facilitator
  • If anyone cannot attend, their Peer is required to bring them up to speed on what they missed
  • Be constantly breaking the class into small groups to discuss and then provide the results of their discussions back to the group as a whole

Transformation Formula

Mnemonic:  “Why Do Bunnies Resist Feedback? Cost!”

T = [ WxDxBxRxF > C5]

T = Successful Transformation (outcome)

W = WHY do I want it? Clarity of vision – What do I want?  By when?  How will I measure its success?

D = DISSATISFACTION – What’s wrong with the way things are?  What will it cost me if I don’t achieve it?  Level of dissatisfaction?

B = BELIEF – What does it look/feel like to have achieved it?  Level of passion? Level of belief?


F = FIRST STEPS – What are my first steps?  What support and resources do I need?  Level of belief in ability to take them?

C = COST – What is my resistance?  Why haven’t I achieved this before now?  What is scaring me?  What is stopping me?  What is it going to cost me emotionally?  What is it going to cost me financially?  (how to make this 0)


EG:  5 3 2 5 1 =150