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A Foundational Element of All Our Peer Programs:


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Four Part Harmony

Four Part Harmony© is one of the Foundational Elements of all the Peer-Mentoring.com Peer Programs.

At its heart, it is a management process that ensures success, no matter what the situation, no matter how large or small the project or task.

With companies who choose to roll out multiple Peer Programs throughout their organization, we offer Four Part Harmony, as an additional support to further enhance company-wide success.

The Four Part Harmony sessions are available as either:

  • 4 x one hour facilitator lead online sessions or
  • 4 x 15 minute video sessions plus one facilitated session

While Four Part Harmony itself as a process was developed by Ms Bella St John, thanks goes to Mr Mike Russell for coming up with the name.

For specific program information and how we tailor and customize programs to address your requirements, please contact us for a no-obligation meeting to discuss your specific needs and objectives.