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Intrapreneur Peer Program

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Intrapreneurs are “dreamers who do. Those who take responsibility for creating an innovation of any kind within an organization.” – Gifford Pinchot III

As businesses grow and adapt to an ever-changing landscape, it is more important now than ever for employees to adopt an Intrapreneur-Mindset, and take an active role in the success of their part of the organization.

“Intrapreneurs are able to search for opportunities and shape them into high-potential innovations through teamwork and with access to corporate resources. This assumes the right conditions of good leadership, communication and the appropriate environment to support creativity, these are essential for entrepreneurial outcomes to take place. The win-win situation of intrapreneurial motivation leading to corporate benefits are considered idealistic by some. According to Smedley, only a few companies know how to encourage intrapreneurs.” [Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intrapreneurship]

While there are a small number of programs, consultants, and courses that teach Intrapreneurship, it’s one thing to teach a skill – it’s something completely different to create an environment where the culture of the organization has been changed to embrace that skill as a foundational element of daily activity.  This program specifically addresses that gap.

Program Duration:

Three-month or six-month

Delivered entirely online

Approximately 2-3 hours per week

Number of Participants:

Minimum of 12 – Maximum of 20

(must be an even number due to the ‘peer’ nature of the program)

Ideal Participant:

Frontline Manager through to

Senior Manager level

The specific focus of this Peer Program is Creating an Intrapreneurship Mindset – and each of the subjects is tailored to that specific focus. 

With larger companies who choose to roll out multiple Peer Programs throughout their organization, we offer Four Part Harmony©, as an additional support to further enhance company-wide success.

The Four Part Harmony sessions are available as either:

  • 4 x one hour facilitator lead online sessions or
  • 4 x 15 minute video sessions plus one facilitated session

Mentoring Statistics, Research, Case Studies

The benefits of mentoring are extensive, for the person being mentored, the person doing the mentoring, and the organizations in which they work. Countless studies have been conducted on the impact of mentoring in the workplace, and a range of their findings is available here:  http://peer-mentoring.com/research-studies-and-statistics/

For specific program information and how we tailor and customize programs to address your requirements, please contact us for a no-obligation meeting to discuss your specific needs and objectives.