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Leadership Fast Track Peer Program

Whether someone is new to a leadership role, or has been a manager for some time but with no real leadership training, it is essential to provide the core building blocks for solid leadership skills to enable and empower them to succeed.

Additionally, it is one thing to teach leadership skills – it’s something completely different to create a fundamental transformation in how a person leads so that this change becomes a foundational element of daily activity.

Program Duration:

Three-month or six-month

Delivered entirely online

Number of Participants:

Minimum of 12 – Maximum of 20 (must be an even number due to the ‘peer’ nature of the program)

Ideal Participant:

Frontline Manager through to Senior Manager level

The specific focus of this Peer Program is Leadership Fast Track – and each of the subjects is tailored to that specific focus. 

With companies who choose to roll out multiple Peer Programs throughout their organization, we offer Four Part Harmony©, as an additional support to further enhance company-wide success.

The Four Part Harmony sessions are available as either:

  • 4 x one hour facilitator lead online sessions or
  • 4 x 15 minute video sessions plus one facilitated session

For specific program information and how we tailor and customize programs to address your requirements, please contact us for a no-obligation meeting to discuss your specific needs and objectives.